Red Day

Red Day (YA)

***Number 2 Amazon UK “teen and young adult” bestseller***

Jack’s sister Rosie is different. The 14 year-old loves her, but sometimes he just needs alone time. When she is late home from her walk one evening, he is at first relieved but, as the seconds and minutes tick by, he realizes that something is wrong. Very wrong. Eventually his mother sends him out to look for her, but she is nowhere to be found. What Jack doesn’t realize as he frantically searches for her, is that he will soon have to face his biggest fear to save his missing sister. Will he be up to the test?
Beyond Hope
Plastic Lilies

Beyond Hope

The earth has been rendered uninhabitable by climate change, war and resource depletion. Mankind’s last chance of survival rests on successfully colonising Mars. There’s no way back – and there may not be a way forward either. 




Plastic Lilies 


Today is the day that Eddie McMaster will die.

His death will touch people in ways he will never know, bringing them love, loss and new inspiration. Plastic Lilies is a touching glimpse into ordinary lives momentarily brought together by tragedy, reminding us that every ending brings a new beginning.


Rewind (YA)

What would you do if you had a chance, just one chance, to rewind a whole day of your life?

That’s the opportunity…or dilemma…facing 16 year-old Tara Craik. When she is recruited to take part in an experiment that could revolutionise the way we think, she grabs it wholeheartedly. Who wouldn’t? For a whole 24 hour period she can do whatever she wants, try things shes always been afraid to try and then redo them if they don’t turn out as planned.

It sounded wonderful, but Tara soon learns that the things we do have repercussions for a reason, and when there is no price to be paid for an action, even the best of us do bad things.

Warning: as this book contains themes that some readers may find confronting, it is recommended for 15+ readers.